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Heal with colors

Chromotherapy is an application independent of the functions of the Jolly Med Device and as such can be activated at any time using the dedicated button on the remote control. It is possible to associate the desired color with any of the hydrotherapy functions. The lighting lasts 10 minutes longer than the hydro program chosen, after which it will turn off automatically.


Red - energy, vitality

It is the vital color par excellence. It gives strength, energy, courage, and serenity. It is a decongestant and a revitalizer of the circulation, with a specific antirheumatic action. It is good for anemia and stimulates the liver.


Yellow - creativity, cheerfulness

Acting on the left side of the brain, it cheers and stimulates creativity with its exciting effects. It is a muscle stimulant and digestive aid, because it stimulates gastric juices through the pancreas and thymus. In children, the commitment to learn increases. Not recommended in nervous subjects as it could promote some disorders such as insomnia


Green - harmony, balance

Balancer of the organism, it tones the nervous system and acts on disorders caused by excessive emotionality. It is a renal purifier and a hepatic activator.


Viola - spirituality,


It has a highly relaxing function, stimulates awareness and spirituality. It reinforces the effects of meditation and has calming virtues. Spleen stimulator, pressure regulator and decongestant. Reduces appetite. To be avoided in very dark shades because it can create depressive effects.


Blue - relaxation, introspection

It is a psychophysical regenerator. Its relaxing effects are known. Stimulate introspection. It is a sedative that helps to dominate states of nervousness. Lowers blood pressure, cures migraines and chronic insomnia.


White - sunshine, purity

It has a normalizing function of general relaxation. It is an anti-asthmatic and a digestive activator.

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