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BIO Body Cream: Celluciducent Treatment

BIO Body Cream: Celluciducent Treatment


Farewell to cellulite with Ozonrelive's "Cellurucent" treatment

Cream - organic oxygen-ozone anti-cellulite with caffeine, centella, arnica and horse chestnut.

Cellulite, a real nightmare for millions of women from an aesthetic point of view, is above all an annoying disorder caused by an insufficiency of the microcirculation of the adipose tissue, which involves the accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous layers and water retention.

How to fight it?

Most of the products on the market are based on preparations that fight cellulite by promising a draining lipolytic effect, but are not always effective due to the poor penetration capacity in the deep layers of the tissues and, therefore, not able to activate the microcirculation.

The Ozonrelive Anti-Cellulite Body Cream presents itself as an absolute novelty in this field, as it has ozonated olive oil as its base, which produces two substances, ozonides and ozonides, with exclusive characteristics.

An example?
They are able to carry themselves inside the skin and fat with absolute ease, reach the inside of the cells activating the metabolism and increase cellular and tissue oxygenation.

The final result is an activation of the microcirculation with a draining, decongestant and local oxygenation effect, the same effects that would be obtained with ozone therapy; in addition, the other components of the cream such as caffeine, centella asiatica, mountain arnica and horse chestnut, thanks to the presence of ozonated oil, achieve the goal better (and quickly), exploiting their potential to 100%.

Do you want to get improvements, clearly visible on the body, even faster?
It combines the use of Ozonrelive Anti-Cellulite with small motor activities.
A short brisk walk today stimulates all the muscles of the body, quickly burns calories and reduces stress.

Ozonrelive Body Cream is also suitable for preventing cellulite, giving you smooth and well-nourished skin.

The way of use is really simple:
a suitable dose of cream must be applied by performing a self-massage.

The product should be used on alternate days, at least three times a week for 4 weeks as an initial dose, and then continue twice a week for another 4 weeks.
A weekly application, however, can be useful in prevention.

It is advisable to keep the product in the refrigerator and not to prolong its use beyond six months from the first opening.

Ozonrelive Body Cream - Cellurucent Treatment 200 ml is available only on our website at a special price
of € 49.00.

Content 200 ml
Product stability closed 18 months
Product stability open 6 months
Ozonation time: 24 h
Concentration of Ozonized Oil 15%


Ozonized Olive Oil, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane,
Tocopheryl Acetate, Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil.



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