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Organic Hypozonized Oil Pulling (pack of 30 ampoules)

Organic Hypozonized Oil Pulling (pack of 30 ampoules)


Oil pullingHyperzonizzato - Biological

Oil Pulling, sometimes erroneously called "oilpulling": It is a formidable and ancient natural remedy capable of restoring and maintaining general health. This Indian technique is useful for keeping the oral cavity in good health but above all for sanitizing all those bacteria and slag that are deposited on the tongue, teeth and gums during the night. Ozonrelive has enhanced this technique by using hyper-zoned olive oil! Hygiene of the mouth and oral cavity Organic olive oil, thanks to a very long ozonation process, becomes very rich in STABLE OZONIDES over time, guaranteeing the ability to sanitize the mouth and oral cavity The rustling times for a correct oil pulling are only 5 minutes. Bad breath is prevented, the gums are strengthened and the teeth appear whiter and healthier.Mode of use: The method for practicing oilpicking (oral rinse with oil) is extremely simple, in the morning just get up or in the evening before go to sleep, rustle the entire ampoule of Ozonated Hyper Oil (5 ml), then spit completely. Then rinse your mouth with lukewarm water.Packaging: pack of 30 ampoulesIngredients: Ozonized Olive Oil.


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