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OzoNail BIO: Protected, Strong & Healthy Nails

OzoNail BIO: Protected, Strong & Healthy Nails


Healthier nails reinforced with "OzoNail Gel" - ORGANIC

The Ozonail formula heals and protects hands from external aggressions.
Suitable for her and him.

Our hands carry out many activities during the day, therefore it is important to take care of them. When the nails begin to flake, they not only represent an aesthetic problem, but also a daily one, because they limit us to the most banal actions.

But why do the nails become so fragile until they flake off?

The causes are many and related to some problems, including: food deficiencies , mycosis , injuries, infections , use of enamels and acetone, too aggressive filing , detergents , excessive exposure to water and soap or contact with chemicals . All these factors alter the natural resistance of the nails, making them more opaque, weaker, until flaking

To rebuild and strengthen the nails in a healthy way, we recommend the use of OzoNail Gel which, thanks to its combined action of hyper-zoned olive oil and Vitamin E, protects the nails from external aggressions.

OzonNail Gel, designed for her and for him, strengthens, sanitizes and keeps them healthy.
A safe choice to feel more serene in our daily actions.

The way of use is really simple: apply the gel every day on nails and cuticles with the help of the brush contained in the cap of the package, and then let it dry.

It is advisable to keep the product in the refrigerator and not to prolong its use beyond six months from the first opening.

Content: 15ml - Product stability closed 36 months - Product stability open 6 months - Ozonation time 12 h - Concentration of Ozonized Oil 99%


Tocopheryl Acetate., Ozonized Olive Oil,


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