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PODOLOGY Ozonomatic System

PODOLOGY Ozonomatic System


Professional, excellent for foot and lower limb pathologies in particular


The use for 25 'ensures a reduction of bacterial load: streptococcus faecalis, staffilococcus aureus, pseudomonas auruginosa, escherichia coli, legionella, mushrooms and mycosis

 indispensable in

Physiotherapy, Thermal Institutes, Medical Studies, Podiatry, SPA, Wellness and Aesthetic Centers

reactivates and oxygenates the circulation at the peripheral level, excellent for the rehabilitation of traumatized limbs, reduces swelling in the feet and ankles. Oxygenates the tissues with a real relaxing and anti-fatigue action.

The ozone produced is in well-defined quantities, controlled and tested even after hundreds of hours of operation.

Ozonomatic JOLLY MED spa for feet protects the health of patients and the operator from the dangers of annoying and harmful bacterial contaminations thanks to the special disposable container

Consumption 600 watts

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