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Ozonated Hydrotherapy

Medical device

The Ozonomatic Jolly MED Medical Device is a medical device for ozonated hydrotherapy, registered in class IIa CE 93/42.

Naturally heals and prevents.

It can be used in any bathtub and is composed, in the basic configuration, of:

  • motor body

  • connecting pipe

  • remote control with thermometer

  • bracket

  • footbath kit (tub complete with platform and tub cover)

The power we give to the bathroom is to generate beneficial effects on the body

human, stimulating and oxygenating the blood and lymphatic circulation, toning the muscles, relaxing nervous tension.

It is used successfully in spas to treat:

  • sequelae of chronic phlebopathies

  • peripheral vascular disease

In physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers for limb re-education following trauma; in beauty centers to tone and firm the body, preventing and helping to fight cellulite and skin blemishes such as blackheads and acne.

Thanks to our innovative and revolutionary system, the dream of transforming your bathroom to give you the great pleasure of the ozonated hydromassage can immediately become reality.

Motor body

Compact, light and silent, it was created by the designer Di Lorenzo. The special bracket makes it easily applicable to the wall of any bathroom. The "intelligent" software combines and controls the functions of Ozonated Hydrotherapy and Chromotherapy

Connecting pipe

The hose is flexible and extendable up to 3 meters. Connect the motor body to the mat
Remote control with thermometer

The remote control is waterproof, with a large display and "soft touch" controls. Comfortably immersed in water, we read the temperature and we can select: ozone, timer, power, chromotherapy, foot bath, preset programs to sanitize environments, sanitize hair, etc.

Foot bath tub

It's a mini whirlpool tub. Helps deflate feet and ankles. Indicated in the treatment of phlebopathies and in therapies of "athlete's foot". Ideal for cramps and varicose veins.

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